Shocker: Love affair between McCain and NYT is over!


Literally only weeks after the New York Times “endorses” John McCain for president on the Republican side (Hillary was the Times Democratic pick), they publish an article this morning that alleges ethical misconduct by McCain throughout his career. Along with inappropriate ties to lobbyists, the Times article leaves you with the distinct impression that McCain had a secret affair with a lobbyist named Vicki Iseman who is 31 years his junior. The Times sources? They conveniently don’t have one. The parts of the story about Ms. Iseman are surprisingly devoid of substance other than a few McCain campaign workers apparently felt Ms. Iseman was hanging around too much back in 1999. All parties affiliated with this “alleged affair” deny that there was an affair. John McCain denies it, Ms. Iseman denies it, and all of McCain’s staff during the time period deny it. So, how does this story have any legs? Answer: It doesn’t other than for tabloid-quality amusement.



The most interesting thing about this story isn’t that McCain might have had an affair nine years ago, but it’s that the New York Times knew about this story when they endorsed McCain. This story was on the Drudge Report around three weeks ago and these rumors about McCain have been around since McCain last ran for president in 2000. Why would the Times endorse McCain as the Republican nominee? More than likely because they knew they could torpedo his campaign early. Or maybe because either way the election goes, they get a liberal in the White House. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had more in their bag of scandals saved for later. However, the real truth to this is that the New York Time’s threshold for breaking stories is closer to the National Enquirer than it is to a legitimate news source. Their front page exposé on McCain is largely an empty rumor.


Fabricating stories isn’t anything new for the Times. Remember Jayson Blair in 2003? In case you don’t, Jayson Blair was a national reporter for the Times that covered a number of stories, including the Iraq war, and ended up resigning after it was discovered that nearly half of what he was writing was either plagiarism or pure fabrication (36 of 73 articles to be exact).


There are plenty of other allegations of misreporting and wrong-doing by the Times. Chris Hedges, who is a reporter for the Times, gave a rambling commencement speech at Rockford College in Illinois that was profoundly anti-Bush and anti-war. Maureen Dowd was investigated for misrepresenting a George W. Bush quote in an article to suit her own political agenda. While there is no problem with people giving speeches and expressing their opinions about politics, they shouldn’t do it under the guise of “unbiased reporting”. People this partisan shouldn’t be allowed to report the news under the pretext of being non-partisan. The Times leans distinctly left and has been for years, yet somehow maintains the illusion of legitimacy. It should be no surprise that the Times threw McCain under the bus this early. Is anyone actually shocked by this? Come September, the Times will endorse the Democratic nominee whomever it is. When was the last time they endorsed a Republican over a Democrat for president? Not in my lifetime.


This should be a lesson to you Republicans who voted for McCain over Romney, Huckabee, and Thompson because of his electability. McCain has been cozy with the liberal media for years, but do you think for a second that they will cozy up to him when it’s real election time? If you really think so, you’re out of your mind. This should be the last time you let the media pick our candidate. McCain is likely to get beaten like a drum in November and primarily because he doesn’t represent the base of the Republican party. You don’t beat the Democrats by picking a candidate just like them. But that’s a topic for another day.


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