Claim: Secret Service Relaxed Security at Obama Rally

As reported today by the Fort-Worth Star-Telegram, yesterday at a Barack Obama rally in Dallas, Texas, Dallas police officers say they were told by (apparently) Secret Service to stop screening for weapons while admitting the 17,000 patrons to the rally. Doors opened around 10 a.m. and about an hour later an order came to relax security in order to get everyone into the rally. The relaxing of security by Dallas Police was to allow people into the rally without having to go through a metal detector. Secret Service states that having metal detectors wasn’t part of the security plans for the event.


The fact that security was relaxed in Dallas, the same location that John F. Kennedy was assassinated forty-five years ago has some people worried. What is even more unusual is that some people in the media compare Obama to JFK in style and substance. Some have fantasized that Obama is the next Camelot. This only serves to further fuel conspiracy theorists.


These types of assassination rumors have been floating around on the internet for some time now. The UK Telegraph reported six weeks ago that if Obama was elected president, a “southern racist might shoot him.” A Hillary Clinton supporter named Marvin Henderson in New Hampshire said, “Even before he got elected, I think some redneck or the Ku Klux Klan would try to do something about it.” Wow Marvin, it sounds more like it’s your people who are spreading this rumor. Of course it’s always the fault of us suthern red-neks fer awl tha prawblims in dis cuntry.


What should we make of this report by the Fort-Worth Star-Telegram? Probably not much other than you can rest assured that this kind of “relaxing” of security won’t likely happen again with Obama. There is no telling how many times something like this has happened in the past with Secret Service protecting candidates running for President and with the real President. It has probably happened numerous times and hasn’t been news worthy before. The Secret Service plans one way and the local police gear up as if it’s a real life scenario of The Sum of All Fears. If Secret Service’s plans don’t call for metal detectors and the local police bring theirs, then is it really a story if the Secret Service tells the local police that they don’t need to use them? Well, in the case of Obama it is.


This is just a taste of how things will be for at least the next 8 months and potentially the next term of the presidency. Get used to it.


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2 Responses

  1. People have a right to be worried…we can’t afford to lose another progressive politician.

  2. Thanks for starting this website! I already enjoy reading Missy’s website and now I get to read about politics on yours! When is Ellie going to start her website?!?!

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