Did Clinton Ad Purposely Make Obama Look Darker?

This election is getting downright nasty. Personally, I’m enjoying it because it’s good entertainment. However, electing the next President of the United States is serious business. Right now on the Democratic side, it looks like it’s NOT going to be decided by the voters of this country. Based on the delegate math, the Democrats are going to have a brokered convention. Unless something MAJOR happens (health issues, criminal charges, etc), neither Obama or Hillary will have the required number of delegates by convention time. That’s just how it’s going to be folks.

So, the Democratic nominee will be decided at the Democratic National Convention in some smoke-filled room with Superdelegates receiving large amounts of cash under the table. The Superdelegates ultimately get to decide this, and if you think that none of the $50 million that Obama or the $30 million that Clinton raised last month is going to end up in the pockets of the Superdelegates, you are kidding yourself. The youngest Superdelegate on the Democratic side is Jason Rae, who is 21 years old. How sweet of a gig is that? Imagine that you’re a college kid selected to be a DNC Superdelegate. Both Hillary and Obama are trying to get your vote….imagine the possibilities. New car, free college education, $1 million deposited in a bank account in the Carribean?

Onto the nastiness…Hillary Clinton aired a campaign ad on her website that may or may not have been on TV yet, but it clearly makes Obama look darker. Is this dirty politics or did someone just screw up the lighting?

Darker Obama

It is certainly possible, and it has been done before. TIME Magazine did it back in 1996 to OJ Simpson. I wouldn’t put anything past the Clintons at this point. Hillary’s campaign did leak the Obama “Muslim” garb photo while he was in Kenya. Hillary threw pretty much everything and the kitchen sink at Obama this week and it worked. We’re starting to finally see some chinks in his armor.

Here is the Hillary Clinton ad that shows the “darkened” Obama.

Here is the orginal footage of the exchange off YouTube.

Judge for yourself. I’d love to hear what you think.


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