Democrat Delegate Update- March 9, 2008

The updated totals including Superdelegates according to CBS News after the Wyoming caucuses are as follows:

Hillary Clinton- 1460 total delegates

Barack Obama- 1570 total delegates

Total needed is 2025.

Obama picked up an additional two delegate lead over Hillary.  Like I have said before, unless something earth-shattering happens, this race is heading for a brokered convention where anything could happen.  I think when it gets there, Hillary will find a way to steal the  lead from Obama.  Could this result in chaos?  It depends on how Obama reacts to having the nomination stolen from him, and I don’t think he is interested in being Hillary’s VP selection.  He hasn’t taken too well to the mud her campaign has thrown at him.  However, if he does convince the public that he is okay not being the nominee, then the party will be unified. If he doesn’t, it would not only split the party, but it could take the party out as a serious contender for the presidency for 2-3 terms.  A long shot, I know, but still interesting to consider.


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  1. I think you’re right, but I wouldn’t be so focused on what could happen rather than what is. Thanks for the update!!

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