Absurd News of the Week

Cat Hunting

In Boulder, Colorado a city official is seeking to pass an ordinance that would require cat owners to keep their cats indoors at all times. Why? Because cats are responsible for “the suffering of many small animals and birds.” No kidding! That is precisely why most farmers have dozens of cats…for pest control.

Apparently it isn’t good enough for environmentalists to “save birds” by forcing the elimination of nearly all effective pesticides after Rachel Carson wrote “Silent Spring” in 1962 or stop the building of a solar power plant in the California desert because of the endangered red-cheeked squirrel. Now we have to literally attempt to alter the food chain of animals to protect certain species. Let me ask you something….who made us God? Since when do we get to decide which animals and species are more numerous than other species? I thought most environmentalists believed in survival of the fittest. Isn’t this just an example of that?

What is next in Colorado? Banning of mouse traps or rat poison? How about banning sliding glass doors? I’ve heard of birds flying into those before. What about banning RAID? You wouldn’t want to kill the birds’ food after all.


One Response

  1. I wish you would run for President because I’d sure vote for you! This one about the cats is totally beyond absurd. Thanks for keeping us informed of the lunacy of so many here in the USA.

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