The Wright Problem for Obama

Beware of buyer’s remorse.

Many Democrats around the country are beginning to wake up to the fact that Barack Obama is not a Messiah or a Superman. In fact, he may not even be a good candidate at all. Obamamania and Obamapalooza are now over. After the mainstream media in this country are finally criticized for giving Obama a pass, they decide to crank into gear and report on what could be one of the most damning things Obama faces this campaign: the relationship he has with Trinity United Church of Christ and the (now retired former) pastor Jeremiah Wright.

I chronicled Jeremiah Wright’s relationship with Louis Farrahan several weeks ago, which of course poses it’s own problems, but this isn’t about Farrakhan. This is about how Obama has attended Jeremiah Wright’s church for twenty years and has never had a problem with what is preached there….until now. Obama has described Wright as his spiritual mentor, yet now denounces many of the things Wright says. Obama sure can “denounce” with the best of them, can’t he?

It’s no wonder that Michelle Obama has never been proud of America before now. If I went to that church and heard about how bad America is every week and how white people hate black people, I wouldn’t be proud of America either. Who can love a country when you are indoctrinated with disdain and hate for so many of your fellow American’s on a weekly basis?

God D— America? Are you kidding me? Barack Obama has been attending this church faithfully for twenty years and hearing messages of racial division and hating America the whole time. Obama cannot run away from this. This isn’t like some wacko minister of some kooky religion endorsing Obama and he can casually brush it off. This is the church that Obama gave $20,500 to just last year. This is the pastor that married Barack and Michelle and the same guy that baptized their kids. This is the guy that Obama got the title of his book “The Audacity of Hope” from.  This is also the same pastor that traveled to Lybia with Louis Farrakhan all the way back in 1984 and the same guy that called America the “U.S. of K.K.K.A!”

This is no minor issue. What is obvious here is that Obama is attempting to separate himself from his former life and his current political one that began only two years ago. The only thing you can conclude about Obama’s relationship with Wright is that he largely agrees with Wright. Otherwise why would he call Wright his “spiritual mentor”, attend his church for twenty years, have him marry he and his wife, baptize his daughters, and give over $20,000 in one year alone to Wright’s church?

The Obama campaign is doing it’s best to slip this one under the rug. The campaign is now referring to Wright as Obama’s “former” pastor and “former” campaign advisor. Wright was a formal member of Obama’s campaign until last week when the public started noticing this connection. Of course, now Obama “denounces” his former pastor’s statements….how politically convenient. Obama sat in Trinity United Church of Christ and shouted “Amen” and condoned the speech and rhetoric of Jeremiah Wright by remaining there, giving money, and involving his family. This is one case where actions definitely speak louder than words. Obama’s actions have supported this type of racist anti-American message preached in this church for twenty years. Yet, now he expects us to think that he had nothing to do with it or that he doesn’t believe any of it?

Senator Obama, you have a serious credibility problem.


5 Responses

  1. It IS amazing Senator Obama claims he wasn’t aware of his “crazy old uncle’s” proclivity for anti-American / racist tirades.

    In fact, it is not only amazing, it is disingenuous. He is politically-naive, and way out of his league. Barack is not qualified to assume the CEOship of a Fortune 500 corporation, much less the highest office in the land.

  2. No matter how you slice it, those are the retired Pastor Wright’s words not those of Barack Obama.

    It is interesting how people are yapping as if the United States has done absolutely no wrong in the world and this global anti-American sentiment comes from out of freak’n nowhere. The American pulse KNOWS it has a world community perception & deed problem.

    Here’s some controversial teachings from a pulpit:

    ___No sex before marriage
    ___Marriage is until death do you part
    ___No second marriages, while your first “spouse” still lives

    Christians violate these WELL KNOWN teachings on a daily basis, but they don’t stop going to their churches just because they disagree with those aspects of Christian teachings.

    No one else has sat on their own church pew and heard something controversial coming from the pulpit? I find this odd.

    Most religious leaders do indeed take the liberty of defying political correctness, even if the members in the congregation do not …whether it’s Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, John Haggie, or Jeremiah Wright.

    Also, how much of what Rev. Wright said was NOT true… OR is it just Rev. Wright’s audacity to be blunt with the truth, which may be accosting Americans in denial?

    “Racism is alive and well in this country.”
    That is an “inflammatory” statement, however, it is also a true statement.

    Inflammatory but TRUE:
    ___Hillary Clinton does not know what it’s like to be Black in America.
    ___Hillary Clinton does not know what it’s like to be poor in America, living from check to check.
    ___The USA has been run by wealthy white “MALES.”
    ___The USA has been arrogant in its foreign policy, defying even the United Nations to invade Iraq.
    ___The USA trained the very terrorists we seek. Yes, Osama bin Laden and the like were trained by US forces.
    ___Blacks in America have been held to a higher standard than Whites just to gain the same end outcome of achievement.

    Those statements are inflammatory but true. The “outrage” at Rev. Wright’s last few sermons appears disingenuous.

    Where is the real animosity here… that he told the truth OR that the truth was told without sugar on top? No one likes getting slapped with the naked truth or any blunt assessment of the truth.

    People are still dealing with the PRESCRIBED outrage, and have not yet paused for a moment to actually address the validity of the content.


    Black communication, in general, is more blunt and direct. I doubt that there are a lot of Blacks in shock mode over what Rev. Wright said, they seem to be in a more embarrassed-for-Barack mode.

    [White Susie’s Mom would say: Susie, sweetheart, I know you’re getting much older now and you’re becoming more attracted to boys, but I need you to be careful and know that you can come talk to me any time.]

    [Black Susie’s Mom would say: I know you think you grown, but you better keep your damn legs closed, because I’m not raising any more children. Keep your head in those damn books and off those damn boys, because all they’re going to do is use you and leave you used up. Now you better hear what I’m saying. I’m here for you, but you better listen.]

    For some people it’s called “keeping it real.” Pastor Wright’s words are not those of Barack Obama. Former United States Marine and Pastor, Wright was reciting US history, which IS hateful toward Black Americans. US history has in fact been hateful toward Black Americans and to do something as simple as recall American history toward Black Americans IS inflammatory at least.

    ___The Middle Passage
    ___Racism (came after slavery to justify the continuation of slavery out of Africa when whites were no longer slaved –a distinct and recognizable “skin color” became the target)
    ___Constitutional Definition of “less than human”
    ___Religious Isolation
    ___Jim Crow/Apartheid
    ___Grandfather Clause
    ___Educational Isolation
    ___Economic Isolation
    ___Paramour Rights (where Black women had to deal with white male sexual and companionship aggression)
    ___Constitutional Acknowledgement of the “inherently inequitable” Black American experience

    There is a reason “Black history” is segregated from the main stream history lessons of our grade school classrooms… it IS inflammatory just to acknowledge “Black history” in America, even though Black history is American history.

    There are few ways to spin America’s behavior toward Blacks so that it sounds good.

    We haven’t even done the Native American history roll call. There are aspects of America that should be damned.

    “America’s” over-sensitivity at taking a “critical” look at itself has been the trademark of bigotry… and this bigotry gets reproduced everywhere we go and in every country we touch. We have spread our bigotry like the “Green Bay Tree” and the world community has been taking offense to it.

    Few people are American ENOUGH to damn those things about America that should be damned.


    Barack Obama’s Blueprint for Change:

  3. MahoganyShotgun,

    There is so much wrong with what you wrote that it is nearly impossible to respond to it all.

    Your examples of what goes on in most churches pales in comparison to what goes on and is preached in Wright’s church. There is a clear racist and anti-American tone and message and apparently it’s okay to say that stuff if you’re black in this country. There is an obvious double standard that you are blind to. There IS NO EXCUSE for calling America the “U.S. of K.K.K.A”. Most Americans have never even seen a KKK member in real life, much less prescribed to that racist belief. You cannot honestly consider “no sex before marriage” a controversial teaching. True, Christians may become involved in these things that are against Biblical teaching and are definitely sin, but no one is preaching that you should engage in these things. Wright preaches that the members should engage in his own hatred of America.

    This isn’t just sitting in the pew and hearing some controversial stuff. Obama sat there for 20 years and gave thousands upon thousands of dollars to this church. Wright married Barack and Michelle and Wright baptized his daughters. Until last week, Wright was a big player on Obama’s campaign. This is not just a chance association. Wright and Obama are very close and Obama obviously believes most of what Wright says. Wright isn’t just some “crazy old uncle” like Obama wants us to believe. Obama sat listening to some 800 sermons from this guy over the years.

    You wanted to know what he said that wasn’t true? Here are just a few.

    1. Jesus was NOT a black man. He was Jewish and I’d like to know the scripture that says he was black.
    2. The U.S. has not “sponsored” terrorism against the Palestinians. The U.S. has sponsored Israel’s right to exist, which no Arabs/Muslims believe in. The Israel/Palestinian conflict has been going on for thousands of years, much longer than the U.S. has existed. We have provided support for Israel for defensive purposes, much the same way we defend ourselves against terror groups.
    3. The U.S. government does not give drugs to black people. If you know an example of this, please enlighten us.
    4. Blacks in America are not held to a higher standard. If anything, they are held to a lower standard. Ever heard of Affirmative Action? When I was in college, the minimum SAT score at my college was around 1100. I knew at least 10 black guys at my school who had less than 1000 and they didn’t play any sports. Most of them were also on scholarship for being “underprivileged.”

    The bottom line is that we aren’t talking about a style of communication. Everyone knows that communication among different cultures varies. But what is inexcusable is blatant racism and hatred for America in any form, whether you are black or white. But racism from a black pastor is tolerated because it is coming from him and he isn’t held to the same standards as the rest of Americans are.

    Obama condoned all the speech and hatred and racism in that church for 20 years and now he is attempting to make us forget that he was there. It isn’t going to work.

  4. Send this video to others: Shame On Joe Scarborough, MSM & Obama the way they reacted to Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermon about 9/11 Part 1
    The American people don’t deserve to be manipulated and lied to

  5. “The only thing you can conclude about Obama’s relationship with Wright is that he largely agrees with Wright.”

    I think you’re correct. I think Obama has a serious problem here, but the jury is still out. There is something to be said about the context of American history from which Wright’s statements come, but these are Christians after all and it is a shame that black liberation theology doesn’t preach more love, healing, and forgiveness, i.e. the Gospel of Jesus Christ rather than a social gospel. It’s very damaging to the cause of Christ and to progress in America.

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