Absurd News of the Week (3/20)

Osama bin Laden has a lousy sense of humor.

As reported by the AP, bin Laden just released a five minute long audio message specifically dealing with the topic of….(drumroll)….cartoons. The message seems to be against cartoons published in Danish newspapers of the prophet Muhammad with a bomb shaped turban that were republished on Feb 13th of this year. However, these so-called “insulting” cartoons have been around for two years now, so I guess Osama bin Laden is behind the times. Must be living in a cave or something…

Mohammed bomb

But there has been increased chatter in jihad forums calling for revenge on European nations over the cartoons. Bin Laden called for “grave punishment” over them. Do these Muslims threatening to kill innocent people over cartoons actually use their brain for anything, or is their skin too thin to take any kind of joke?


One Response

  1. as a Muslim, i can say that i wasn’t happy about the cartoons, but at the same time however i was laughing more at the cartoonists because they didn’t actually ridicule the Prophet at all because they didn’t even know him, they never even saw him, he never had a mustache because he always called his followers to shave above the lip and not below so that they could be distinguished from non muslims who had mustaches and he was always really thin because his family would spend months without food except for dates and water and milk, he would give away his money and food to people he thought needed it more than him. so really in the end i think the jokes on them….and i really don’t expect one of the world’s most idiotic men would have a sense of humour…..

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