Richardson backs Obama, Clinton feels betrayed

Bill Richardson, former Democratic Presidential candidate, formally endorsed Barack Obama for President today. This actually came as somewhat of a surprise to me as Clinton and Richardson have been very close for a long time. I was surprised at the brazen act of disloyalty to the Clintons and the purely political move that it was. Until now, I never saw Richardson as a particularly savvy politician, but I guess he got some good advice. He knows that Obama is going to be the eventual nominee and he wants to get on his good side early.

Obama rally

Richardson would be a particular “prize” as a VP nominee as he is from a Hispanic background–not to mention he’s a way better and more experienced overall candidate than Obama. Since this presidential race seems to be more and more about identity politics and the racial make-up of the candidates, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Obama pick Richardson as his VP. Democratic political advisors would surely see this as a way to sure up the Hispanic vote in this country.

If Richardson is Obama’s eventual VP pick, tune into any news station of your choice immediately afterwards to be reminded that Richardson is Hispanic and how this is going to draw Hispanics in mass numbers to vote for the Obama-Richardson ticket. Hopefully, Hispanics won’t fall for it because there are a lot of other reasons to vote for or against a candidate other than his racial background. Politics in this country is really pathetic sometimes.

Here is what Richardson had to say about his conversation with Hillary from First Read:

Richardson described the conversation that he had with Clinton last night “tough.”

“It was tough to make the call, but I did. It got a little heated. It got a little tense. But it was understood, and I’m proud of my decision.”

Yeah, I bet it did. I wonder if Hillary cried during or after the phone call? She might have if there were television cameras around…that would have gotten her at least another 5 percentage points in the next primary.


4 Responses

  1. Richardson should have waited. I don’t think I would want to be tied to Obama’s coattails. Rev. Wright hasn’t gone away; the media will never let alone. And despite all the media spin, Hillary Clinton could still be the nominee.

  2. To Hell with Obama and his Reverend…..

  3. I wonder where this country is going.

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