More Trouble for the Global Warming Movement

When I was in sixth grade, I specifically remember reading in my science book about global cooling and the coming Ice Age. Some things change and some others never do. One thing that changes on a regular basis is science. When I started medical school, I was told that more than half of what I was taught during medical school would be proved incorrect by the end of my career. This is not an anomaly for just medicine. You see it throughout all fields of study when you are dealing with inexact sciences. The study of weather is certainly not exempt from this. If you think the people that study weather really have a firm grasp on what is going on, just watch the weather report on the local news for a few weeks and you’ll change your mind.

Al Gore

One thing that never changes is the desire by some to control the masses through environmental nonsense. In our current day and age, one of the ways this is manifested in the hysteria of man-made global warming. We are told that we must cut down on greenhouse gas emissions by cutting energy consumption presumptively by eliminating fossil fuel use. We are told that we must embrace “green technology” and buy hybrid cars to save the earth. This global warming hysteria continues to reach magnitude proportions in our government and has already manifested itself in a bill that permanently bans the incandescent light bulb a few years from now (sorry Edison!). Congress is pondering passing a law mandating fuel emissions to reach somewhere around 50 miles per gallon on all cars manufactured in this country. If that isn’t the quickest way to destroy the auto industry in this country, I don’t know what is.

Global warming, or global “climate change” as some like to call it is actually far from a scientific consensus. Scientists that do not prescribe to global warming are ridiculed, ostracized, and silenced. The Weather Channel founder, John Coleman, called man-made global warming the greatest scam in history. Proponents of this global warming hysteria have a specific goal of politicizing the weather, because if you can politicize the weather, you can control everyone. There’s a tornado–it must be OUR fault for global warming. There’s a tsunami–global warming. There are wildfires across California–global warming. Hurricane–global warming.

In what must be discouraging news for the man-made global warming crowd, Michigan had the snowiest winter EVER this year, or at least since they started recording snowfall in 1880. Milwaukee had 95.4 inches of snow this year, the second highest amount on record. In even worse news for Al Gore and company, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has reported that all of the allegedly “lost” ice has now returned to the polar ice caps. Is it just an anomaly that we are experiencing one of the coldest winters on record in the last century?

While I’m not saying our earth hasn’t warmed a degree or two overall in the last hundred years or so, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, and Pluto have also been warming. So are we to assume that our greenhouse gases are affecting other planets or just our own? I guess the possibility of our own sun causing the earth to become warmer or cooler is just too obvious. Of course, if the sun were causing it, there wouldn’t be a thing we could do about it and there wouldn’t be any money or political power to be gained over the illusion that we are at fault for it. If the sun is going to get infinitely hotter, then we’re screwed no matter what we do.

Please follow along closely through this presidential campaign to the promises made by the candidates to stop man-made global warming. This is actually code language for more government regulation on businesses and private citizens leading to a worse economy than we are already in. All the candidates are guilty of it–McCain, Clinton, and Obama. They’ve already taken away the incandescent light bulb because of what is likely junk science–don’t let them take away our SUV’s. They’ve already mandated that we use ethanol, despite studies showing that it actually puts out more greenhouse gases into the environment than just regular gas. What is next? The government controlling the air conditioner in our home?

In twenty years we are going to look back and this and laugh when we realize that science changed it’s mind again and there was no global warming crisis after all…unless of course we’ve completely changed our lives and our lifestyles over a manufactured crisis. Then instead of laughing, we might be crying.


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  1. Thanks for the true picture on “global warming”! Wasn’t the government saying we were headed for an “ice age” awhile back?! If they would read The Revelation, they’d get a lot clearer picture of the end times! :o)

  2. Nice work upon global warming…….I really appreciate your efforts.

  3. Interesting, too, when you listen to what they say about other planets, such as Venus, which has the kind of atmosphere we could potentially have if global warming runs its course (according to scientists). But we’re not on Venus and so haven’t contributed to its atmosphere. Even if global warming were real, why is it necessarily our fault, if we see other planets with the supposed result? Also, we’ve only been recording temperatures for a relatively short period of time – a VERY short period of time according to the evolutionary scale, especially – so how in the world could they have a sufficient grasp of Earth’s weather patterns to know whether temperatures are warming abnormally? In short, I agree that it’s fear-mongering aimed at siezing more of our rights. Unfortunately, it seems to be working brilliantly.

  4. Great point about the other planets! And who doesn’t love that Gore comic!?

    I’m conservative, and I don’t buy all the hype about global warming, but I have changed out every light bulb in my home to save on my electric bill. It just makes sense to me. Those new energy efficient bulbs last for years, so I like that.

    As a conservative and a person who enjoys the outdoors, I think conservation and wise use of our natural resources makes lots of sense as well. I guess the question is, when does conservation become environmental extremism? I don’t know for sure.

    But if there is one thing I disagree with McCain, is whether to drill for oil in Alaska. I really think in today’s world, we’d be foolish not to drill there.

  5. I have energy efficient bulbs in my house as well, primarily for the money savings. But, you can’t dim fluorescent bulbs, so I guess dimmer switches will die along with the incandescent bulb.

    I was a biology major in college and still love the outdoors as well. I think conservation becomes environmental extremism when plant and animal needs are placed above human needs. We need to drill in ANWAR, but it will take nearly 10 years to see any oil from there. That is a good example of placing animal needs above our own.

    McCain embraces too much of this leftist global warming stuff. If he wins and isn’t careful, it could wreck our economy beyond repair.

  6. […] course, these computer models probably aren’t aware that all of the allegedly lost polar ice has now frozen back. Or maybe they didn’t hear any of the latest research that continues to […]

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