Hillary Caught Lying about Bosnia Trip

Hillary Clinton often gives the example of her Bosnia trip twelve years ago as evidence of her experience. While First Lady she reports flying into Bosnia and arriving under sniper fire in the airplane and then being rushed into vehicles to carry her away from the airstrip. The only problem is that it never happened. Hillary seems to have dreamed up this grandiose illusion that she actually faced mortal danger as the First Lady and somehow that gives her the experience to be President. This exaggeration/lie is only one of many of Hillary Clinton’s whoppers that she expects us to believe.

My personal favorite is her claim that she plays pickup basketball. Right, I’ve seen plenty of 60 year old multi-millionaire women playing pickup basketball.

NewsMax has some other hilarious claims from Hillary:

  • She was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. who climbed Mount Everest.
  • She was a Yankees fan when she lived in Chicago.
  • She told upstate New Yorkers she had been a “duck hunter.”
  • She claimed on Sept. 11 daughter Chelsea was jogging around the World Trade Center.
  • We will see how savvy the Obama campaign is if he chooses to tackle some of these blatant fabrications. Of course, Obama’s got some credibility problems of his own so he may just lay low on this one and allow the voters to figure it out on their own.


    One Response

    1. The CBS Evening News story broadcast last night that proves once and for all that Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton indeed continues to suffer from Partzheimer’s (a.k.a., Convenient Memory-Loss Syndrome) as first highlighted in a <a href=” http://bobmccarty.com/2007/03/21/hillary-clinton-diagnosed-with-partzheimers/ Bob McCarty Writes post one year ago this month and reiterated in posts March 27, 2007 and Sept. 12, 2007.

      Now the question is “Why did it take CBS, the New York Times and others in the mainstream media so long to report on the former first lady’s affliction?”

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