Operation Chaos Working Flawlessly

Operation Chaos

If you have tuned into Rush Limbaugh recently, you may have heard what he refers to as “Operation Chaos”. If you’re unfamiliar with Operation Chaos or with Rush Limbaugh, this is a basic rundown of it:

Republicans are crossing over to vote in Democratic primaries for Hillary Clinton, not because she can get the delegate lead, but because an Obama-Clinton deadlocked race going all the way to the Democratic National Convention would benefit the Republicans. The primary objective of Operation Chaos is simply to create chaos in the Democratic party–nothing more. It isn’t to get Hillary or Obama selected as the opponent in November. The nominee will be left up to the Superdelegates in the Democratic Party to pick. There are even some calling for an early Superdelegate vote to avert such a disaster.

So, this is how this “operation” is working. The battle in the Democratic party is embittering many of the supporters of Obama and Clinton and is drawing attention away from McCain for a while, allowing him to establish his positions without any major scandals that usually accompany any presidential campaign. Also, the Democratic National Convention is only 8-9 weeks before the general election, so if the race is still undecided by convention time, the Democrats will be forced with cramming an entire general campaign in that two month time period. Not an easy task considering that candidates from each party historically move towards the center after wrapping up their party’s nomination. The Obama-Clinton battle is forcing each of them to move further and further left. It will be virtually impossible for either to move back to the political/ideological center in an eight week time period.

The new poll today released by Rasmussen shows that 44% of Democratic voters want either Obama or Hillary to drop out of the race now. 22% believe that Obama should drop out and 22% believe that Hillary should drop out. An even more interesting number is 6% believe that both Hillary and Obama should drop out of the race. What if both were to drop out? You guessed it…Al Gore would be the presumptive nominee. This race may be headed that way eventually. There are already inside talks going on inside the DNC that could lead to Al Gore getting the nomination with either Hillary or Barack as the Vice Presidential pick. This, of course, is a long shot but the possibility remains. A similar thing happened in 1968 with presidential nominee Hubert Humphrey. Humphrey was nominated as the Democratic Presidential nominee but never won a single primary before the convention.

Various news agencies have reported that Operation Chaos is working and others are reporting that it isn’t. Tough to say in the end whether it is really having a major impact, but it certainly appears to be and it’s even got Democrats in Ohio attempting to indict Rush Limbaugh and voters who switched over for voter fraud. One thing is clear though–there is more chaos in this election than there was a few months ago. The longer this goes on, the better the Republican chances are in November.


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