An Attempt to Save the Household Light Bulb

Recently, representative Michelle Bachmann, a Minnesota Republican, has proposed a bill that would repeal the nationwide phase out of incandescent lightbulbs in 2012. The old-school bulbs are being replaced by the fluorescent energy efficient bulbs. Her bill is called the “Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act”. This bill is a second chance for Congress not to appear completely socialist.


Don’t get me wrong, I like fluorescent energy efficient bulbs for the money I save and the fact that I rarely change a light bulb anymore. I have them in nearly every lamp in my house and most of the ceiling lights. However, as I’m sure many of you know, fluorescent bulbs don’t really dim and they don’t have brightness settings. They are either completely off or completely on. There’s no in between. So with the banishment of the Edison-style light bulb, out goes the concept of a dimmer switch and things like a three-setting light bulb. Unless there is some new technology that I’m unaware of, these things will likely disappear along with the incandescent light bulb.

Why would Congress go to such lengths to eliminate something as harmless as the incandescent light bulb? You guessed it….global warming. By eliminating all of the extra energy use of these incandescent light bulbs, we will theoretically burn less fossil fuels to power them and thus we will release fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. So instead of simply leaving it to consumers to figure out for themselves that they save money with the new bulbs, Congress passes a law (that Bush signed) that banishes the old light bulb. Socialism at work. I thought liberals were pro-choice….or is that just when we’re talking about human life? I guess it’s not okay to be pro-choice when it comes to light bulbs.

Fortunately, the Bachmann bill (if passed) would stop this nonsense.

“This is about freedom, this is about consumer rights,” she said.

Yes it is. Fluorescent bulbs pose their own risk with trace amounts of Mercury in them. So, the government effectively forces the elimination of Mercury thermometers from medical use but then turns around an mandates the use of Mercury-laced fluorescent bulbs in every household in the country. Legislative schizophrenia–all in the name of global warming.

“The least government can do if they are going to ban the household light bulb is provide evidence to back up their claims that there’s some long-term benefit,” she said. “Congress should not be in the business of promoting fads and Congress should always be in the business of watching out for the health, safety and budget bottom line of the American family.”

Global warming is just the latest fad, just like the coming Ice Age was back in the 1970’s. A very recent article published in The Australian gives evidence to the fact that carbon dioxide levels have been increasing over the last ten years, but temperatures globally have continued to fall. This debunks one of the main points in Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” documentary. How very inconvenient for the global warming folks (or is it global climate change….oh, I can’t make up my mind).

The point is that the death of the incandescent light bulb is just one of the first casualties in this global warming hoax to control our lives. Next will be the government controlling your thermostat in your house, then controlling what kind of car you drive, then controlling how much you drive. If this is something you look forward to, please save the rest of us and move to Europe now. You’ll get more than your fill of 15% unemployment, 60% income tax rates, and free (lousy) healthcare for all.


6 Responses

  1. I find fluorescent bulbs work best with incandescent bulbs. Contrary to what we are told, these fluorescent bulbs do NOT always last longer than the incandescent ones.
    I have had some of these fluorescent bulbs burn out in a few days, and others seem to last, and last.
    When I was in middle school, we were given some gray, wet, fluffy stuff to make animal figures, etc, When I asked the art teacher what this substance was, she said “asbestos, and laundry starch”. At that time no one seem to know that asbestos was dangerous. Years from now, someone may discover those fluorescent posed dangers, even if they are not broken.

  2. I find interior lighting can have an effect on your mood. For that reason, I believe different kind of light bulbs are nice.

    Those CFLs seem fine if they are not used alone, but they can put out a harsh light by themselves. There is also something funeral about them, but as I had written before, they are not too bad if they are not used alone.

    The new LEDs may also may be an alternative, but at the present time, they are expensive, and they seem not to put
    out a enough light. We could also maybe, turn off the lights
    more. Somehow, after writing all this, it just seems wrong
    for the government to tell everyone to use a certain kind of light bulb.

  3. Those CO2 arguments you mention don’t hold up for many reasons when it comes to banning light bulbs, which unfortunately is the case over here in Europe(the EU) right now…

    I deal extensively with a defence of the light bulb on
    [ also, if light bulbs must be targeted, why a big tax is better for all (can be like a ban in significantly lowering sales, yet give government income and keep consumer choice)
    http:/ ]

  4. –addition to above–
    the last link (on why tax on light bulbs rather than ban is better for everyone)
    should be

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