Obama visited 57 states?

According to Barack Obama, he has “visited 57 states, with one left to go.”  I would assume that these are our newest additions, so lets give them a big welcome!

51.  Puerto Rico
52.  Guam
53.  Northern Mariana
54.  American Samoa
55.  St. Croix
56.  St. Thomas
57.  St. John

Barack Obama isn’t proud to wear the regular 50 state flag pin on his lapel, so someone has created a 57 state lapel pin for him.  Now, this he can be proud of!

57 state pin

If McCain had said this, he would be crucified by the mainstream media and we’d be hearing about his “senior moments” until November.  My guess is that you won’t hear about this at all on the major television networks.  It must be nice to be able to say things like this and have them ignored by the major media.   


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