Palestinians Campaign For Obama

Sometime next fall, when you get a call from someone with a foreign accent urging you to vote for Barack Obama, you may consider asking where they are calling from. There’s a good chance it may be the Gaza strip and from a member of Hamas.

Palestinians in Gaza have taken it upon themselves to actively campaign for Obama from Gaza. In a world that gets smaller every day through the internet and other forms of communication, this should come as no surprise.

However, when pondering whether or not to vote for Barack Obama in the fall, one should ponder this….why would members of Hamas in the Gaza strip attempt to influence our Presidential election? Why are they so preferential to Obama? What is it about him that makes him so attractive to people who belong to terrorist groups and have pledged themselves to the destruction of Israel? Could it be that they think he’s just pretending to be a supporter of Israel and really isn’t?

That my friends, is exactly what they think. And I think they’re right.

This pro-Obama news video is from Al Jazeera.


2 Responses

  1. Paul,

    I thought maybe you had an objective blog here, but this article blew that notion. The kid in the Al Jaz video says he hopes Obama will bring peace to the Middle East. I didn’t hear him cursing the west or telling us how he hates our freedoms.

    That Palestenian kid is actually doing something that 90% of American youth are too lazy and spoiled to do – make a difference. I commend him and his courage.

    Not all muslims want us dead. Just like not all muslims hate jews. I spent the past week with two friends of mine, one is Jewish and the other is a Lebanese Muslim. They get along great. The world isn’t as black and white as you seem to think it is. Many Palestenians want peaceful coexistence with Israel just as much as most Israelis do.

    As long as people brand any young islamic male as a terrorist, and as long as you let your fear get the best of you, the terrorists win.

    I’m voting for Obama because we need a leader who respects our constitution, isn’t a warmonger, and can inspire not only Americans but people around the world to expect more from the United States. It is time for a change in this country.

  2. C’mon Brad,

    The war between the Palestinians and Israel has been going on for 2000 years. Do you honestly believe that both sides want peace? Both sides want to win and are willing to do so at any cost–they want peace after they win. I’d love to see peace but it won’t ever happen. My wife spent a year in Lebanon about 20 miles north of the Lebanese/Israel border. She taught English there and probably taught multiple Hezbollah members.

    After spending a year there in a clinic, her friend, Bonnie Witherall was assassinated in the same building that she lived–followed in by a man who was against the West and against Christians and he shot her three times in the head. Sure, there are peace loving people in that region, but it is governed by violence and my wife’s friend is only one example.

    In the Middle East, the person with the biggest gun wins. It will probably always be that way. That is why America can’t back out of Afghanistan or Iraq until things are under control there. Everyone knows that if America leaves those areas too quickly things will descend back into chaos and violence will rule again.

    Hamas rules Gaza and everyone there knows it. I’m not saying that all Muslim youths are terrorists–that is a ridiculous notion. But I am saying that pro-Obama coverage on Al-Jazeera and pro-Obama support in a terrorist-governed area smells fishy to me. Is it possible that these kids mean well? Sure. Is it possible that Al-Jazeera has an agenda against the US? You better believe it. So why would Al-Jazeera have any report that would go against their agenda? They wouldn’t. They want Obama elected for a reason. Hamas leaders have said so openly.

    You can go right ahead and waste your vote on an manufactured candidate. Obama has one skill and it’s reading David Axelrod speeches from a teleprompter. Just listen to him when he isn’t reading from it–he sounds like a bumbling idiot. He has no accomplishments to his record. He’s literally done nothing of any recognition to be considered qualified to be President. His view of foreign affairs is dangerously naive. These are not things ginned up by Republicans….these are things said about him by those in his own party.

    Obama has a good shot at winning in November largely because of his positive media coverage and because he’s the Facebook/American Idol candidate. He looks cool, seems cool, and is young. He rarely says anything of real substance in his speeches. There are no policy directives. Everything he says is vague–change, hope, love, etc.

    Change to what? Not all change is good change, and Obama type change is dangerously close to Marxism.

    But the give away that you’re a liberal and won’t legitimately consider anything I’ve said is because you used the word “warmonger”. Nobody with an intelligent thought actually uses that word, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

    What should people around the world expect from the United States that they don’t now? How do you think an Obama presidency will achieve this? How does Obama respect the constitution more than John McCain does? And lastly, what is one thing that Obama has done that shows that he has the leadership skills/direction to become President? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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