More Che-Obama Sightings

Che and Obama

This isn’t the first sighting of the pictures of these two together. The first was in Obama’s Houston campaign office, where a Che Guevara flag was prominently displayed.

Here the two are displayed in an Ohio judge’s office. Apparently this judge has an attraction to mass murders and Communist thugs–and Barack Obama. In case you’re unfamiliar with Che Guevara, here is a article that succinctly sums up the impact Che had on Latin America.

Is this just a coincidence? If it is, it is a recurring one. Little Green Footballs has reported that there are dozens of Communist, Antisemite, and 9/11 conspiracy blogs posted at website. If you don’t believe it, see for yourself. Most of the links are still good, even though the Obama people are frantically trying to delete these blogs.

But Obama supporters won’t be deterred. The Kool-Aid has been good for this long, so why stop drinking it? It wouldn’t matter what was uncovered about the Obamessiah…he’s the one for them and the one to bring change….or is it Che’nge?


3 Responses

  1. Che Guevara is an ambivalent historical character, that’s true. Hero to some villain to others (you). Consider the fact that the US foreign policy he encountered contributed greatly to the misery and poverty of the people of Latin America and try to see things from his point of view. The world is not black and white and our beloved United States of America is not always on the good side. Often not even on our side. As far as the connection between Che and Obama: What are you proposing? A law that forbids anyone to hang any poster next to yours until she has written permission from you to do so?…if such a law is not enacted then I’ll post on the internet a picture showing the portraits of Adolf Hitler and John McCain hanging next to each other taken in someone’s office….Nothing John McCain can do about that. And Obama’s followers can use it and run with it, just like you did. Makes sense to you?

  2. Ha, no I’m not proposing a law that would outlaw pictures of Obama and Che. What a ridiculous idea. Only leftist liberals propose laws that limit types of speech they don’t agree with.

    You’ve shown your true colors in your comment. You demagogue the US while giving excuses for a socialist/communist figure that the vast majority of Americans despise ideologically.

    All I’m saying is that people who support Che are likely to support Obama. If you like Che, then you don’t see any problem with Obama. If you’re like the majority of Americans who don’t agree with leftist-socialist policies that have wrecked dozens of countries leading to their third world status, then you won’t like Che and you won’t like Obama.

    Obama may win because he’s attempting to mask who he really is. If he succeeds, he’ll win.

    The vast majority of American’s don’t believe the US is great because of government. People like Obama do.

  3. Looks like it is important for you to be on the side of the majority. That’s ok and not uncommon. You believe Obama to be a leftist when in fact he is a centrist. By your own logic (remember: the vast majority of Americans despise leftists), he would never get elected being a leftist. You may want to consider how far to the “right” you are when you can’t distinguish “left” from “center” anymore. You also believe that it was the “leftist-socialist policies that have wrecked dozens of countries leading to their third world status”. Far out.

    If you think “Barak Obama” = “Che Guevara” then just say so and make your case based on facts and logic. The fact that someone out there decided to hang pictures of Obama and Guevara in his office means nothing to me.

    Over and out.

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