Homeless with a cell phone


There’s nothing wrong with the First Lady helping to serve food at a homeless shelter for the needy.  I applaud her for that.  However, you’ve got to ask why a “homeless” man has a cell phone and would dare to step into a soup-line and use it to take a picture of the First Lady. 

This guy doesn’t have enough money for food, but he can afford a cell phone?  Where does the bill go if he’s homeless?  Maybe in this new era of hope, change, and a free-falling stock market, he sends the bill to the White House.


3 Responses

  1. Sigh. Please see this post before disparaging the homeless: http://homelessness.change.org/blog/view/michelle_obama_serves_soup_nation_misses_the_point

    – Schev

  2. I agree with much you have said, but feel the President’s Stimulus package must be enhanced and increased:


  3. Homeless people tend to receive mail at a shelter where they have stayed recently or are currently staying. They may even have a P.O. box; being homeless does not always mean you have nothing. Maintaining a cell phone and an address are often the only way for a homeless individual to secure employment without a permanent address. So yes, he may not have enough money for food, but saw a cell phone as a good investment.

    More frequently, I see homeless individuals with phones paid for by family members who want to keep track of loved ones despite past mistakes. Homeless people have increased risk for many health concerns and may move around without warning based on shelter bed availability or lack thereof.

    If I had a cell phone, I’d dare take a picture of the First Lady if she was serving me lunch. So I guess I’m ok with another person “daring” to do the same. I hope he dares to escape the horrific cycle of homelessness as well. Let the guy have his phone, his picture, and his moment without scorn.

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