About Me

I am a physician currently working as a flight surgeon. I have been happily married for almost 5 years and I have two beautiful daughters. We currently live in northern Florida. I am a self-described political/talk radio junkie with too much time on my hands (especially after being used to working 80+ hrs/week for the past few years).

I am a libertarian-leaning conservative who believes in less government, fewer taxes, and protecting what has always been unique about America to the rest of the world–Freedom. Many Americans erroneously seek social and financial security from the government because they lack any historical perspective.  Our country was founded under the principles of limited government and the concept of the individual.  The beauty of freedom is that you’re free to succeed as well as fail.  Americans who fear failure and seek some sort of social justice vote for people who seek to have our freedoms limited through government regulations and higher taxes. There is a distinct move towards socialism in this country on multiple levels including health care, welfare, and education. I hope this website/blog will inform and entertain while encouraging each of us to battle this “progressive” move towards socialist principles which will only degrade what has made America great for the last 200+ years.

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