Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marraige in California

Today the California Supreme Court overruled a legislative ban on gay marriage by a 4-3 decision. Chief Justice Ron George wrote for the majority and stated that domestic partnerships are not a good enough substitute for marriage. With this ruling, California becomes only the second state after Massachusetts to legalize gay marriage.

Click here to read the Supreme Court Decision.

Gay marriage

Naturally, gay marriage supporters hailed this ruling as a victory for their cause. However, their battle is far from over.

Currently, a coalition of religious and conservative social groups is putting together a measure that may make it onto the November ballot. The measure needs 694,354 signatures to make it on the ballot and these groups claim they have already accumulated 1.1 million signatures. This measure would allow the voters of California to decide whether or not to put a ban on gay marriage in the California constitution. If this measure passes in November, this will trump the California Supreme Court’s decision.

We can be certain that gay marriage advocacy groups will fight any measure allowing the California voters to decide this. Liberal activist groups are rarely successful implementing their agenda with voters or elected officials, so resorting to the judiciary to get their way is what we’ve come to expect.

The ruling set off a big celebration at San Francisco City Hall. This will, no doubt, be an issue in this year’s election process and is a winning issue for conservatives if they choose to use it.