Obama Calls For Talks With Iran

On Tuesday, Presidential Candidate Barack Obama called for the US to talk to Iran to help sort out the Iraq situation. Which, if you think about it, is pretty funny considering that Iranians are probably largely behind the majority of attacks on US troops in Iraq. What would talking to a clown like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accomplish? Likely nothing other than embarrassing the United States for negotiating with a communist nation and bowing to their desires. Iran has a vested interest in what happens in Iraq. Iran would like nothing more than to turn Iraq into a nation much like Iran. Iran does not want any kind of democracy in the Middle East and will be a major opposing force to any kind of democratic government for a very long time.

Sure, Iran could stop a lot of the violence in the region because they’re the cause of most of it. In case Obama hasn’t noticed, Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. Iran would gladly “help” us quell the violence and in exchange get to exert more influence on Iraq and dictate where oil profits go. Why don’t we just open up negotiations and unilateral talks with Al Qaeda?

Maybe we should “talk” to Iran about the 6000 new centrifuges that they are assembling for their nuclear program. I’m so sure Iran’s only interest in uranium is for nuclear power….does anyone actually believe that?


War Protesters Ruin Easter In Chicago Church

On Easter Sunday, six protesters of the Iraq war decided to stage their protest at Holy Name parish during Catholic Mass. Their tactic? Squirt fake stage blood on themselves and nearby worshipers during Mass. Despite their male and female membership, they referred to themselves as Catholic Schoolgirls Against the War. Their actions are an insult to real Catholic schoolgirls as anyone with a third grade education could have staged a much more intelligent and effective protest.

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