More Che-Obama Sightings

Che and Obama

This isn’t the first sighting of the pictures of these two together. The first was in Obama’s Houston campaign office, where a Che Guevara flag was prominently displayed.

Here the two are displayed in an Ohio judge’s office. Apparently this judge has an attraction to mass murders and Communist thugs–and Barack Obama. In case you’re unfamiliar with Che Guevara, here is a article that succinctly sums up the impact Che had on Latin America.

Is this just a coincidence? If it is, it is a recurring one. Little Green Footballs has reported that there are dozens of Communist, Antisemite, and 9/11 conspiracy blogs posted at website. If you don’t believe it, see for yourself. Most of the links are still good, even though the Obama people are frantically trying to delete these blogs.

But Obama supporters won’t be deterred. The Kool-Aid has been good for this long, so why stop drinking it? It wouldn’t matter what was uncovered about the Obamessiah…he’s the one for them and the one to bring change….or is it Che’nge?


Iran Uses Apology Letters as Propaganda

In an unprecedented event on September 24, 2007, Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad spoke in a public forum at Columbia University. His appearance was both hailed and condemned as it was the first time an openly communist leader was allowed to speak freely on U.S. soil. Interestingly, Lee Bollinger, the Chancellor of Columbia University, not only invited Ahmadinejad to the forum, but introduced him by berating him and his communist policies.

The response by many was rightful condemnation over Iran’s policies towards women, gays, and Israel. Ahmadinejad kept on message during the forum by denying the holocaust and affirming that he felt that the U.S. presence in the Middle East was unwarranted. However, there was a letter-writing contingent in the audience that felt that Ahmadinejad was mistreated and wrongfully criticized by Bollinger. This contingent did what they do best–write apology letters to Iran!

So, now the Iranian Presidential Office has published a book entitled “Dialogue In Iranian Style”, which contains the letters of American Citizens apologizing for the “offensive” behavior of the Chancellor. If this contingent of communist letter-writing sympathizers was consistent in their ideology, shouldn’t letters have be written to all the holocaust survivors in the U.S. for allowing Ahmadinejad to deny the holocaust at a nationally televised forum?

Which is more offensive? Truthfully describing the devastatingly oppressive effects of communism and drawing attention to a culture of human rights violations or denying the reality of the holocaust? Apparently in this day and age, progressives find the truth more offensive than deliberate lies.