Obama’s Comments on Racial America

See and judge for yourself. This nine minute long video is just one of a multitude of reasons not to vote for this guy.

Obama is running on a platform of change and unity, but this guy can’t even unite his own party…much less the races in this country.

If Obama wins in November, he is officially crowned the best snake oil salesman ever to hold public office. Obama supporters…that must be some good Kool-Aid. Keep drinking it if it makes you feel better. You’ll be crying for something after 4 years of an Obama presidency.

$8 gallon gas….30% capital gains tax….10% unemployment….rationed energy….weaker military….40% income tax……sounds great (just like western Europe)! Where do I vote?


Obama’s Church Back At It Again

Barack Obama has already pronounced this sermon that went on at his church as disappointing. Strangely enough, 20 years of this didn’t cause him to bat an eye, yet all of a sudden whenever something controversial comes out at his church, he feels the need to separate himself from it. Kind of convenient timing, don’t you think?

Check out what the nice Catholic Priest Michael Pfleger had to say from the pulpit at Obama’s church this past week.

Terrorists For Obama

Hamas, the Palestinian Sunni Islamist militant organization (i.e. terrorist group) and political party has come out in support of their favorite U.S. Presidential candidate….Barack Obama. Hamas’ top political adviser in the Gaza Strip, Ahmed Yousef, said in an interview with World Net Daily and ABC radio that Hamas “hopes” Obama will win the presidential elections and “change” America’s foreign policy.

Yousef also went onto say this:

“I hope Mr. Obama and the Democrats will change the political discourse. … I do believe [Obama] is like John Kennedy, a great man with a great principal. And he has a vision to change America to make it in a position to lead the world community, but not with humiliation and arrogance.”

Naturally the Obama campaign ran away from this faster than it did from Rev. Jeremiah Wright a week ago. The only problem for the Obama campaign is the lingering question that will remain in voters’ minds in November. Why would a terrorist organization endorse Barack Obama?

Well, if you put yourself in the shoes of the leader of Hamas, what would you want out of America’s next President?

1. A weaker America with less military presence in the Middle East, thus allowing terrorist organizations to freely recruit, raise money, and grow.

2. A weak U.S. economy thus diminishing America’s presence in the world.

3. A more “tolerant” view of radical Islam.

4. Abandonment of Israel.

I’m not suggesting that these are Obama’s coming policies, but Hamas clearly believes that they will get more of these with Obama than they do with McCain. It is similar to Al Qaeda’s unofficial “endorsement” of John Kerry four years ago, by Al Qaeda leaders using Democratic talking points on an Al Jazeera released videotape. All organizations (labor unions, religious groups, nonprofit organizations) will endorse who they feel will be in their best interest. Terrorists want what is best for them too!

For those of us who aren’t hypnotized by Obama’s empty platitudes of change and hope, this really comes as no surprise. Obama has shown himself to be not only naive, but dangerously naive regarding foreign policy. He has suggested that he would have negotiations with Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela (without preconditions) and has suggested invading one of our allies, Pakistan. He has promised to raise taxes and has promised to immediately start pulling troops out of Iraq. He has promised to levy windfall taxes on American oil companies, which would not only wreck any hope America has of becoming energy independent, but would give foreign oil companies a distinct advantage over American oil companies. Nearly every Obama plan put forth thus far is a potential disaster that could literally take decades to fix once he left office. What better scenario for Hamas and other terrorist organizations to thrive under? A crippled America is in their best interests.

By mine and any other sane person’s calculations, Obama already has the perfect plan to accomplish the first three things on the Hamas wishlist. Raising taxes weakens the economy and pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan weakens our influence in the Middle East. This would allow terrorist organizations to recruit, train, and expand freely. Hamas recognizes that Obama is a member of a church that has remained very vocally anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian for twenty years. Yousef even went so far as to say that Obama is just “kissing up to Jews” because that is “American politics”.

There will be much more of this in the coming months. No one issue will derail the Obama campaign, but a combination of the combined controversies of Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, and a Hamas endorsement very well could. It just depends on how hungry Americans are for a change in the wrong direction.

Obama’s Race Speech Won’t Be Enough

In an America that is hungering to forget some of its ugly past such as slavery and racial separatism, it might seem that Barack Obama is the candidate to heal these ostensibly permanent wounds. His attempt at solidifying himself as the post-racial candidate in his race speech will likely only solidify his place in history as another Democratic presidential nominee to not win the White House. Barack Obama had a big chance to walk through that door and lead the nation into post-racial America, but he slammed it shut and threw away the key. While the speech was flowery and poignant, as Obama’s speeches are known, it lacked in some very significant areas.

Several weeks ago, I mistakenly thought that Obama was bigger than the race issue and that because he could unite the races that people would think he would automatically be able to unite ideologies. I was wrong. Instead of stepping past the race issue, Obama catapulted race right to the forefront of his campaign. While it may be true that he blew his chances over the years while he sat quietly in the pews of Trinity United Church of Christ, I think he could have weathered this storm and survived.


Just some things I noticed:

Mistake #1- Talking about slavery. I hate to break it to anyone who doesn’t know, but slavery ended over 140 years ago. There probably isn’t a person alive whose parent or grandparent experienced it. It’s over and Americans don’t respond well when they are made to feel guilty about something that happened in the 19th century.

Mistake #2- Justifying Wright’s racism. Obama denounced his hate-speech, but rather asked that we understand where Wright is coming from. The Rev. Wright has said some over-the-top stuff, but justifying it doesn’t allow Obama to step beyond the race issue. In order to be the post-racial candidate, Obama has to be race-neutral. He can’t do that by having close associations with a guy that is well known for speeches with outrageous claims like “America created HIV for a black genocide”. Obama touched on the race issue, but didn’t mention the anti-American message that is prominent in the church, which is perhaps a larger problem than racism.

Mistake #3- Changing his story about when he heard Wright’s rantings. Perhaps his error was when he initially lied, however, now he is telling the truth. Originally he said he never heard anything controversial in what Wright had said. Now he admits to hearing them. Of course he heard them. How could he be in a church for twenty years and not hear them? It isn’t like Wright started this yesterday! What is going to be really damning is if the Clinton’s get some video of one of Wright’s “hate-America” sermons and the video shows Obama clapping after one of the rants.

Mistake #4- Throwing his Grandmother under the bus. Not a cool move no matter how you look at it. If you haven’t read it, you can read the full text of the speech here.

I do not believe that Barack Obama is a racist and I am not suggesting that he might be. However, you are known by the company that you keep, and Obama has quite a few interesting ties to people and groups with radical ideas and positions. How can he have such a close friend in Rev. Wright and disavow so much of what Wright says from the pulpit? Why does Obama have guys like Louis Farrakhan and the New Black Panther Party coming out to endorse him? What do these people and groups see in Barack Obama? Is there something that we’re missing here?

Even if Obama does win the nomination, he has all sorts of stuff coming down the pike right now to tie him up for at least 3-4 months. Right after his speech his campaign took down the link from his official website to the New Black Panther Party’s website. It’s also been discovered that Obama was the first presidential candidate to call for Don Imus to step down from his position after Imus’s comments. Why was Obama so quick to call for the resignation of a radio talk show host? Jeremiah Wright had been saying things a whole lot worse than Don Imus ever did for years and years and Obama never called for his resignation.

On top of just these things, Obama has another scandal coming in this Tony Rezko trial, several other ties to anti-American pastors, as well as ties to a terrorist organization known as The Weather Underground. Not too good.

Is it any wonder why McCain is now leading in the polls?

The Wright Problem for Obama

Beware of buyer’s remorse.

Many Democrats around the country are beginning to wake up to the fact that Barack Obama is not a Messiah or a Superman. In fact, he may not even be a good candidate at all. Obamamania and Obamapalooza are now over. After the mainstream media in this country are finally criticized for giving Obama a pass, they decide to crank into gear and report on what could be one of the most damning things Obama faces this campaign: the relationship he has with Trinity United Church of Christ and the (now retired former) pastor Jeremiah Wright.

I chronicled Jeremiah Wright’s relationship with Louis Farrahan several weeks ago, which of course poses it’s own problems, but this isn’t about Farrakhan. This is about how Obama has attended Jeremiah Wright’s church for twenty years and has never had a problem with what is preached there….until now. Obama has described Wright as his spiritual mentor, yet now denounces many of the things Wright says. Obama sure can “denounce” with the best of them, can’t he?

It’s no wonder that Michelle Obama has never been proud of America before now. If I went to that church and heard about how bad America is every week and how white people hate black people, I wouldn’t be proud of America either. Who can love a country when you are indoctrinated with disdain and hate for so many of your fellow American’s on a weekly basis?

God D— America? Are you kidding me? Barack Obama has been attending this church faithfully for twenty years and hearing messages of racial division and hating America the whole time. Obama cannot run away from this. This isn’t like some wacko minister of some kooky religion endorsing Obama and he can casually brush it off. This is the church that Obama gave $20,500 to just last year. This is the pastor that married Barack and Michelle and the same guy that baptized their kids. This is the guy that Obama got the title of his book “The Audacity of Hope” from.  This is also the same pastor that traveled to Lybia with Louis Farrakhan all the way back in 1984 and the same guy that called America the “U.S. of K.K.K.A!”

This is no minor issue. What is obvious here is that Obama is attempting to separate himself from his former life and his current political one that began only two years ago. The only thing you can conclude about Obama’s relationship with Wright is that he largely agrees with Wright. Otherwise why would he call Wright his “spiritual mentor”, attend his church for twenty years, have him marry he and his wife, baptize his daughters, and give over $20,000 in one year alone to Wright’s church?

The Obama campaign is doing it’s best to slip this one under the rug. The campaign is now referring to Wright as Obama’s “former” pastor and “former” campaign advisor. Wright was a formal member of Obama’s campaign until last week when the public started noticing this connection. Of course, now Obama “denounces” his former pastor’s statements….how politically convenient. Obama sat in Trinity United Church of Christ and shouted “Amen” and condoned the speech and rhetoric of Jeremiah Wright by remaining there, giving money, and involving his family. This is one case where actions definitely speak louder than words. Obama’s actions have supported this type of racist anti-American message preached in this church for twenty years. Yet, now he expects us to think that he had nothing to do with it or that he doesn’t believe any of it?

Senator Obama, you have a serious credibility problem.