Third Marathon For A Very Worthy Cause

As a competitive runner for nearly sixteen years now, my interest in various events tends to change. I originally started out as a sprinter in middle school and early high school. However, I quickly found out that I was better at just slightly longer distances and I settled into running 800 meters for the remainder of my high school and college years. I eventually got pretty good at it, enough to set a bunch of records, but not quite enough to get me to nationals or qualify for the Olympics.

My competitive running days had to be put on hold during medical school. I still ran, but mainly just to relieve some stress and not lose my mind. Just to mix things up, I’d run through the projects in downtown Augusta, Georgia at 11 p.m. to keep things interesting for myself. It was shortly after this that I decided I’d try running my first marathon.

I never had any question in my mind that I could run it. After all, if Oprah Winfrey can run and finish a marathon, then of course I could. But, I was a long sprinter and 26.2 miles isn’t really the sprinting distance.

I started with the Walt Disney Marathon in 2004 and enjoyed it. It wasn’t very fast and I didn’t train very hard. I finished medical school in 2006 and started my surgery internship with the Navy.

My second marathon was the Marine Corps Marathon in 2007. I actually trained for this and was nearly 30 minutes faster this time around.

My third marathon will be the Marine Corps Marathon in 2008. I will be running for a charity, the Fisher House. If you’re unfamiliar with the Fisher House, it is an organization that helps military families when their loved ones are sick or injured in the hospital. Sometimes with the military health care system the hospital is too far away from the member’s family. The family can stay at the Fisher House free of charge, which is a house on the same base as the military hospital, and see their family member every day. I’ve seen family members stay at the Fisher House for weeks at a time while their soldier, sailor, or marine is in critical care, having surgery, or whatever is needed.

It is a great organization and it really supports military families when they need it the most. Please consider giving to this worthy cause!

Click here to contribute to the Fisher House.

I’ve got to reach $500 by August 1st to run the race with the Fisher House Team.