Obama’s Comments on Racial America

See and judge for yourself. This nine minute long video is just one of a multitude of reasons not to vote for this guy.

Obama is running on a platform of change and unity, but this guy can’t even unite his own party…much less the races in this country.

If Obama wins in November, he is officially crowned the best snake oil salesman ever to hold public office. Obama supporters…that must be some good Kool-Aid. Keep drinking it if it makes you feel better. You’ll be crying for something after 4 years of an Obama presidency.

$8 gallon gas….30% capital gains tax….10% unemployment….rationed energy….weaker military….40% income tax……sounds great (just like western Europe)! Where do I vote?


Obama’s Church Back At It Again

Barack Obama has already pronounced this sermon that went on at his church as disappointing. Strangely enough, 20 years of this didn’t cause him to bat an eye, yet all of a sudden whenever something controversial comes out at his church, he feels the need to separate himself from it. Kind of convenient timing, don’t you think?

Check out what the nice Catholic Priest Michael Pfleger had to say from the pulpit at Obama’s church this past week.