Angry, Mean Obama Supporters?

I keep hearing about all the reports of rage and hatred at McCain-Palin rallies.  The liberals are outraged and scared of the McCain “mob”.

What a joke.  This is how liberals treat McCain supporters in New York city.  Anything at a McCain rally would likely be pretty tame compared to this.


4 Responses

  1. Where were all these boo-birds when the President of Iran came to visit Columbia University?

  2. love the post! and it drives me crazy how horrible it is when it is against obama, but they are just as bad if not worse to mccain.

  3. It is the result of numbers. There were so many more Obama supporters that it just appears a lot of them were demonstrating. Truth is, it was a very small percentage and they were made up of all the people afraid that McCain would be like Bush. After all, he was 100% behind Bush and dumb enough to pick Palin.

  4. Ed,
    You missed the point of the post. The point is that McCain supporters and conservatives during the last election cycle were portrayed as these vicious, radical people that are violent and anger filled.

    This video just demonstrated how vicious liberals can be. They’re all for tolerance until they disagree with you.

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