Getting Started…

The goal of this blog is to educate and entertain.  All are welcome and any comments/thoughts are welcome as well.

My strengths are knowledge of current events as well as finding great stories and following the most interesting news of the day. More than likely, I will not use this blog for long expositions on my views.  I hope to make this more of a “top event of the day” blog.  I will also have links to great stories/news articles on the main page.

The only articles that I cite will be ones that I consider very interesting and may or may not help you form your opinion of the presidential election and/or the candidates. I am unashamedly conservative and make no apologies for not always toeing a party line.

So, welcome to what I hope will become an entertaining and educating blog!  Please add this blog to your bookmarks and check it out daily!  I promise you won’t be disappointed.