Obama Asks Us To Sacrifice Our Food

In front of a crowd of 75,000 people in Portland, Oregon, Barack Obama made the following statment:

“We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK”

This type of speech sounds strangely familiar to what we heard out of John Kerry four years ago with his “global test” comment. But is Obama for real with these comments? Is he really prepared to limit driving and how much we eat?

Is this what his campaign is about? Limiting our freedoms? Because if it is, it sounds and awful lot like socialism to me. Would an Obama Administration really bring an end to “eating as much as we want?” Do we need other countries’ approval to eat as much as we want or drive as much as we want? Under Obama, would we really need the government’s approval to set our thermostats to 72 degrees?

If Obama isn’t serious about this, then why is he bringing it up on the campaign trail? And how does he intend on regulating our overeating? Air strikes on Chinese buffets across America?

Michelle Obama has made similar statments:

“The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”

Translation: You have to give up your good education and good healthcare so everyone can have lousy education and healthcare, because that’s the new American way.

The Obama’s preach the Robin Hood philosophy. Take more from the rich and give more to the poor. Maybe someone close to Michelle should share with her that we already spend 60% of our federal budget on entitlements. If you get that number any higher we are bordering on an entire nanny state and the complete wussification of America. But, that of course, is the new goal of the Democratic party.


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  1. Well I’m not giving up Golf to support the troops! I really hope Bush’s Ultimate Sacrifice will suffice for the rest of us!

    Hey Rocket scientist guy, simple numbers must not be your strong point huh? Your very own “Heritage Foundation” brings you these numbers.

    You were saying something about 60%? It must of been a typo, I know, simple mistake, other than you portray it as the 10 fold higher number. Nice try though! I would of given you a B- but as you were off by 10x, and that is huge given the max error could have only been 16.7x, so therefore you get a D-! Try again and try to learn to count all your fingers before you move on to the bigger numbers, mmm-kay?

    For your enjoyment, I’ve added you to my Quips of Ignorance page for my own personal humor.

  2. SUV’S unite
    We can drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want .


  3. Borealdreams,
    Here are three separate resources to support the 60% number, and I’m not getting it from the Heritage foundation.


    Even your little precious MSNBC reports that entitlements in 2004 was more than half the federal budget and they’ve been growing since.

    The Kansas City Star reported that Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are 42% of the budget alone. http://www.concordcoalition.org/news/article-storage/2006/kcstar-060416-bob.htm

    I don’t need little charts from the Heritage foundation to support my claims. My claims are common sense and only someone who watches Olbermann would think differently.

    Bush also didn’t brag that he gave up golf for the troops. This is a gross distortion of what he said. He said he didn’t feel it was appropriate for a president to play golf at a time of war. I would hope you would agree with that.

  4. No you are right Bush didn’t “brag” about it. Bush, in his little mind, thought his giving up of Golf was sufficient support for the loses of all the troops that have been seriously injured and the families who’s lives have been completely transformed because of this war. So which is worse, him bragging about this or him belittling the sacrifices of American soldiers and their families?

    I would give up Golf to support local groundskeepers making 1/2 the minimum wage at some course. I would give up two road trips/vacations every year and my ability to eat fresh sushi for the next 10 years if it meant this war would end and our troops would get to come home to be with their families.

    Bush gives up Golf, misremembers when exactly he chose to do it, and the troops sacrifice 3, 4 & 5 deployments away from their families and Bush “gives” up a weekend recreation?

    Sorry, I forgot he also told us to “go shopping” in support of the troops before, however if we speak out about the administration and their endless war in Iraq, we are no longer supporting the troops.

    So which is the “proper” way to support the troops again? I can never get the straight answer from this present. Apparently if I give up Golf too, I can be exempt from wearing a yellow flag on my car?

    Do I really need to go into the other aspect?

    $200 billion not even considered in the %, let alone classified military & intelligence spending. Who knows if “War supplementals” are included, as apparently they are not needed to be included normal defense department budgets.

    Prescription drug coverage is a huge increase. Who was it again that negotiated the hugest give away of money to pharmaceutical companies, now they feel obligated to point out how misappropriated discretionary spending.

    Social Security should not be an issue if the trust fund wasn’t raided for other discretionary spending, such as military spending.

    What gives Republicans, who ironically are linked to fiscal conservatism, the right to claim title to “fiscal responsibility einsteins” when you look compare history of the national debts growth to who was in power? Even the age of democratic control of congress, pre Newt’s revolution pales in comparison th the past 10-12 years of Republican control. They even did away with the “line item veto” so no pork could be taken out of legislation and Bush rarely if ever vetoed a bill because of too much pork and bridges to no where.

    how much longer will the hypocracy be allowed to continue?

  5. uggg, the graph didn’t carry over…
    National Debt Accumulation over the Years/Presidents

  6. ps I wouldn’t “thash” you or your blog if you didn’t take out of context a couple of words to make it sound so “Extreme” when in reality he is pointing out American’s need to come to the reality they need to be willing to sacrifice a small portion of their over-inflated lifestyles in support of what they stand for.

    Obama never said we must starve. Be real would you?!

    The President states he has given up Golf to support our troops! Only an arrogant man in an arrogant country could utter this statement. Only an arrogant person will stick a yellow sticker on the back of their 9mpg 4×4 SUV that will never leave the pavement, to support the troops who are fighting a war of aggression to gain control of the Iraqi oil fields as outlined in the Project for a New American Century. Only an arrogant person will call a person who participates in the basic premises of our country, the right to debate, a traitor or an appeaser.

    And you post a few words out of context, telling us we must starve, instead of a request of all Americans to sacrifice a small part of their lifestyles to make our standing in the global community more consistent with the global community? What do you expect, people will just let you spout your drivel unopposed?!

  7. This is what you said: he is pointing out American’s need to come to the reality they need to be willing to sacrifice a small portion of their over-inflated lifestyles in support of what they stand for.

    Apparently to Obama that includes SUVs, air conditioning, and overeating. That was the whole assertion of my post and you just proved it with that statement.

    More than 50% of Americans don’t believe global warming even exists. Calling on Americans to give up SUVs and air conditioning is for global warming nonsense, not for the troops. Besides, who would regulate this? The UN?

    Obama is interested in controlling our lives one piece of legislation at a time.

  8. keep living on in your spin and clueless reality.

    Obama, doesn’t have to sell American’s on giving up their SUVs, gas prices will. So how is it he is trying to control everyone’s lives again? Markets should be allowed to control everything right, ain’t that your mantra?

    As to your air conditions scare, if you don’t like the heat get the hell out of where it is hot! wow, even a primitive slug knows that much.

    nah, don’t worry about anything, once the markers come in for the debt we owe to China, you’ll long be dead. Screw your children & grandchildren if you have any, because your selfless and self serving greed is saddling them with all your debt.

    all that cheap gas you got to drive you SUV, was subsidized by American military and all that American military was financed by loans from other countries. so ya, don’t you worry about a thing and keep in your bubble of arrogance and greed.

    Don’t bother kissing your children tonight before they go to sleep, just tell them, “Daddy is f****** you over and by the time you are older, instead of only owing $30,700 as their portion of the national debt they will owe $40,000-50,000!”

    Image your surprise when they look at you and go, “Daddy, why are you doing this to us?” And then you can just respond, “shut up you little brats, I could give a rat’s ass about you as long as I get to drive my big SUV (that apparently you need to compensate for some lackings you have) and keep straddling more debt on you.”

    yep you can sleep well tonight b/c you could care less about your children, b/c you are too self centered to give a f*** about anyone that comes after you.

    ps where is this “More than 50% of Americans don’t believe global warming even exists” coming from? If you pulled this off “Big Oil” funded Icecap.org or Fox Noise, don’t bother even posting it.

    pss, go burn in hell, so your arrogant ass can feel exactly what your children will feel in the future b/c of your denial of reality.

    psss I noticed some of the “climate change skeptics” have recently disproved Hurricanes are not affected by “global warming” then please do explain this Is this just God’s plan for revenge on arrogant, redneck bible thumpers for being idiots?

    just curious why there are so many more tornadoes lately than average?

  9. If you’re going to talk like that, go spew your garbage elsewhere.

    I love how you liberals are the tolerant, loving, and caring types but go around saying “f*** you” and telling people to go to hell. You’re completely intolerant of anyone who disagrees with you. Hypocrites.

    Gas prices are the Democrat’s fault because we can’t drill for any non-OPEC oil. They’ve opposed every bit of legislation possible to either drill for more or build new refineries. http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/2008/05/this-will-be-1-issue-in-2008-election.html

    50% of Americans don’t believe in man made global warming has been in nearly every poll I’ve seen. MSNBC and CNN don’t like reporting it because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

    Man made global warming is a religion with no basis. It has all the components of any other religion–sins, a savior, redemption, and damnation. It is just this generation’s version of “they sky is falling.” More and more scientists are jumping off this global warming bandwagon than you’d like to believe. Is it just by chance that was one of the coldest winters on record? Oh, so then you’ll just change the title to “global climate change” to make it convenient for you to continue spreading fear. It’s called weather and it changes regularly and there are cycles of warming and cooling and of more and less hurricaines/tornadoes.

    I’ve already written about this before, so maybe some inconvenient facts will get through to you. http://conservemus.com/2008/03/23/more-trouble-for-the-global-warming-movement/

    And one last thing, since you love Obama’s socialism so much, why not just move to Europe? You can get your mini car there, pay for $8 gallon gas, enjoy 15-20% unemployment, and have them tax the hell out of you for fun. But you’ll feel good about it because you’re saving the planet.

  10. Well Paul, I can see that you have had some interesting conversations with borealdreams. He claims to be well-educated but relies on four letter words a bunch. (Just not well-mannered I guess.)

    I’ve been having an interesing conversation about gay marriage (oxymoron term) over at his blog, but I think we’ve pretty much wrapped it up by now. But we’ll see. http://borealdreams.wordpress.com/2008/05/17/cesspool-of-a-nation-assassination-enters-daily-lexicon/

    Anyway, when it come to Democrats like Obama and Hillary they’ve never met a tax they didn’t hike. They will regulate anything from cigarettes to religious liberty and will only advocate freedom for special pet interests, i.e. abortion and gay rights, etc.

    “Change” can be bad, so very, very bad…

  11. […] the president, back when he was just a candidate for the job he now holds, asked Americans to make sacrifices: “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all […]

  12. […] the president, back when he was just a candidate for the job he now holds, asked Americans to make sacrifices: “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all […]

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